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How do I apply my sticker?

They're very easy to apply. There are instructions on every product page explaining how to apply your sticker and remove the stickers. Take your time and don't rush it and your sticker will last for years.

What's the difference between a sticker and a decal?

Tomarto / potayto. There is no difference but some people call them vinyl decals, some people call them transfers, some people call them stickers. They are very different to mass produced, printed stickers in that they are cut from vinyl and the surface they stick to forms the background.

How are your stickers made?

We design our stickers on a computer and then they're cut on a kind of plotting machine. The machine uses a tiny but incredibly sharp knife to cut the design from large rolls of display quality sign vinyl. We then 'weed' out the unwanted parts by hand leaving the design on the backing paper. Then we carefully apply a sheet of application tape to the sticker so that you can easily stick it to your car or whatever. It's not like working down a mine but it is painstaking and every sticker gets our personal attention.

How long do the stickers last?

We expect our stickers to last a minimum of 5 years in all weather conditions. If you're a keen jet washer take it steady around the edges of the sticker. We've got stickers doing duty everywhere from the Australian outback to the Rocky Mountains, Azerbaijan to LA.

This, from a repeat customer in Australia: "...sticker still going strong in harsh Aussie conditions.Very happy."

We've got stickers on our old 4x4 which have been there for a few years now and, to be honest, it has a hard life.

What will the stickers stick to?

Any clean, smooth, flat(ish) surface really. Our stickers are suitable for cars, bikes, boats, guitars, laptops, windows, doors – you name it. The only surfaces they don't really like are the stippled textures you get on some old caravans and very textured instrument cases. Clean and smooth is the key. They will stick to sanded wood but you have to give the adhesive time to 'go off'.

Will they stick to windows?

Yep. You can stick them to the outside or inside of any kind of glass or plastic window. If your sticker is to go on the inside of a window and you want it to be viewed from the outside please remember to order the reversed version.

Can I stick them to the wall of my house?

You shouldn't stick the permanent ones to painted walls or delicate surfaces. We are planning to make a range of wall stickers in the near future and if you want one of our existing designs to go on your wall let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Can I put your stickers on my crash helmet?

Your helmet, your call. There are solvents in the adhesive (as with any sticker or decal), that allows the adhesive to stick firmly. We have no problems with stickers on our helmets but anything you do to your own crash helmet is at your risk.

Can I remove my sticker?

Obviously if you're selling your car you'll be able to charge a premium because of the stunning car sticker you've customised it with. That said if you do feel the need to remove the sticker simply warm it with an ordinary domestic hair dryer and gently peel it off. Any residue can be wiped off with a bit of ordinary lighter fluid. Easy peasy.

Will it damage my paintwork?

Not in our experience. Let's not overcomplicate matters - these are just stickers - you stick them on and when you want to take them off you take them off. The stickers are fade resistant so if they're on your car for a very long time your car paintwork might fade but the area under the sticker probably won't. As with all these things, you put stickers on your car at your own risk. You rebel, you!

Do you make custom stickers?

We don't generally design custom stickers because designing is a time consuming process and it's very hard to recoup the costs.

I have a shop can I sell your stickers?

Not as a rule sorry. We generally just sell direct to the public online. That said 'don't ask, don't get'.

Is vinyl a green product?

It's not ideal. Vinyl itself is a clean, durable product however, it is a type of plastic and is made using oil which is, of course, a finite resource. It is also slow to degrade.

On the plus side it can be recycled time and time again and we donate all of our offcuts to a local environmental charity where they are distributed to the general public, schools, community groups, child-minders, nurseries, colleges, students, youth groups, after school clubs, crafters, art and drama groups.

Another plus of course is that if you've made your car, bike boat... whatever, a little sexier with some of our stickers then maybe you'll be more reluctant to get rid of it.

Is the vinyl used on t-shirts the same as the stickers?

Nope. It's cut in the same way but it's much more flexible and not sticky. It's applied to your garment using an industrial heat press at over 160C and bonds with the fabric.

I had vinyl on t-shirts when I was a kid and it went all crumbly. Will this go the same way?

Technology has moved on. In the same way that mobile phones used to come in red and require a 10p coin to make them work, garment vinyl has come a long way. This stuff is immensely strong and flexible - you can wash it at up to 80C (we recommend 40C) and you can pop it in the tumble drier.

Do you print designs on t-shirts?

No. Our designs are all created to work as striking silhouettes and in the same way that cut vinyl looks better on cars than printed stickers, we think that cut garment vinyl is particularly striking with our designs on clothes.

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