Competition Time?

Competition Time?

So, sometimes we run little competitions to try and promote Black Sheep Stickers. In fact as I type we've got a giveaway happening on our Facebook page so if you haven't already entered do it now - you never know!

Anyway a friend who runs their own business asked why we give stuff away that we could sell so I thought I'd write about it here.

We regularly give away both stickers and t-shirts, usually via Twitter or Facebook simply because we'd rather give away stuff to deserving Facebook friends and Twitter followers than pay to advertise. The small favour that we ask in return is that they help to spread the word about us to their friends and families with a simple share.

Does it do much good? Well, only a little but it does help spread the word about our little business, we don't line the pockets of huge companies and it does our little egos good to think that someone else is wandering around in one of our t-shirts or there's another car proudly displaying one of our decals.

If you don't already, please like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and you could be the next winner.

Posted on 16/02/2017 Latest News

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