Earthlings Beware

Earthlings Beware

Much to our surprise we seem to have found a global appeal! Woohoo, just call me Lord Sugar. No, don't. Just call me Grizzly (it's my name you know - yes really).

Ok, so we haven't joined the ranks of the super rich or even the ranks of the matching of socks yet but we are now exporting almost as much as we ship to the UK! Our very first t-shirt order was from Australia (10,595 miles away - I looked it up) and we've got stickers doing duty in such exotic locations as Brazil, Argentina, Kazakhstan, Northern Norway, South Africa, South Korea, India and even Wales!

We all find it massively exciting that our work is appearing in just about every corner of the world. Thank you to all of you for buying our stuff and helping us pay the bills and feed the dogs.

Posted on 19/11/2016 0

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