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  • £ 5.50
    Officially a rare breed now, the huge Cotswold is one of our oldest sheep (it arrived with the Romans) and is the sheep that produces the golden fleece that helped make Britain's fortune. Our unique Cotswold Lion sticker design is inspired by the Burleigh flock who we help care for - we are official lookerers. This sticker looks a bit like Ruby who bleats...
  • £ 7.50
    It's good to be different but then you already know that because you're here; looking for ways to make something different. This is one of our naughty Black Sheep decals - why follow the crowd? This design is available in a 14 different of colours and sizes from 8" right up to a striking 30" across.  As with all of our stickers this one is made to order...
  • £ 3.50
    The Zwartbles is a very handsome little sheep and produces some amazing fleece (much loved by Mrs Black Sheep Stickers). Our Zwartbles Sticker is a unique and original design Our little (mostly) black sheep decal is cut from display quality vinyl and, like all our stickers, is made to order and hand finished. We only make it in black, otherwise the effect...
  • £ 5.50
    Unmistakeable Lord of the Rings silliness for those shepherds and farmers wishing to make a stand and not let any sheep pass (especially at lambing),without Gandalf's approval. They shall not pass with this sticker on your car. Unless of course they're faster than the shepherd. Our You Shall Not Pass decal comes in 14 different colours of display quality...
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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